We are RC Plast A/S
RC Plast A/S has over 35 years of experience as a credible, environmentally aware partner for the plastics industry; as a producer of recycled, environmentally friendly, customer-specific plastic granules and as a buyer of plastic and production waste from the plastics industry.

Customer-specific plastic granules
The industries of the future are increasingly using artificial plastic granules instead of virgin plastic. Since 1984, RC Plast A/S has refined and developed the process of purchasing and collecting plastic and production waste from the plastics industry, recycling it and producing reusable, high-quality, customer-specific plastic granules that can be reused in every type of environmentally friendly plastic production.

We recycle everything
RC Plast A/S recycles everything and environmental considerations are just as important to us as our high-quality requirements. We always strive to be unequalled, as the best in the industry. This is why we train our own employees, thus ensuring that they all possess the same thorough knowledge and skills, so as to be able to produce plastic granules to the necessary specifications, with the desired additives added, and to a uniform high and environmentally friendly quality.

Collection and recycling of production waste
Our customers will therefore always be dealing with professionals who have solid experience and important knowledge about both purchasing and production, who are able to advise on the best solutions for their business, both when it comes to the collection of production waste and the purchase of the right type of recycled plastic granules for use in new manufacturing.

We can take care of the entire process; from the collection of production waste, to the supply of recycled plastic granules for new manufacturing. This means that our customers need only a single partner, who will provide a complete solution.

Import and export worldwide
This is also why we currently operate worldwinde in both import and export. We have customers and partners in the United States, Australia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Italy, the UK, the Netherlands and of course Denmark.