Our production

The production of plastic granules
RC Plast A/S is a company that possesses a unique knowledge of the production of recycled plastic granules that can be reused in plastics manufacturing. What makes us stand out is our expertise, which is second to nobody else’s on the market.

User-customised thermoplastic materials
RC Plast A/S guarantees solutions in the field of customer-specific thermoplastic materials. We provide plastic granules with adjusted MFR (Melt Flow Range), the desired impact modifier, adding the desired additives and colouring as specified by the customer. Our plastic granules are supplied in bigbags, by tanker or any other form of delivery that the customer may require.

We train our own staff
Our know-how is part of our DNA and we train our employees ourselves in the workings of our field and industry, to ensure that they all possess the same thorough expert knowledge. Most of our employees have over ten years of relevant experience from working for us.

You will therefore be dealing with professionals who possess vital know-how and solid experience in the manufacture of high-quality granules, made to the customer’s specifications. Our employees understand your needs and will fulfil your expectations of qualified sparring, with the objective of providing the right solution.

Plastic granules of the highest quality
Our close partnerships, confidence in our staff and short paths of command allow us to produce the highest quality plastic granules, which has played an important role in our significant position on the international market.

RC Plast A/S operates at a high level, which assures the customer the continuous and secure delivery of recycled plastic granules of a uniform, high quality, which are competitive with current market prices .