REACH is an EU Regulation adopted to ensure that chemicals are used safely with minimum risk to human health and the environment.

RC Plast is focused on how REACH affects our processes and products. We believe that in the future we will be able to continue to supply the products that are well-known to and requested by our customers.

  • RC Plast uses polymers that are exempt from registration and evaluation requirements. We have pre-registered all monomers found in products from RC Plast.
  • Although all chemicals in food packaging, as defined in EU Regulation 1935/2004/EEC, must be registered, the chemical safety report need not contain an evaluation of risks to human health.
  • As RC Plast only uses ancillary materials purchased in EU countries, we are a downstream user of such materials. Consequently, RC Plast need not register these ancillary materials.

At RC Plast, we are in close contact with our suppliers to ensure that they also in future can provide the polymers and chemical substances which we use in our processes and products and that all the substances are pre-registered according to EU legislation.

RC Plast has established a chemicals management programme covering the registration, evaluation and, where technically possible, replacement of substances that must be labelled.

RC Plast receives support on matters concerning REACH through its membership of the Danish Plastics Federation and of European Plastics Converters, EuPC. In addition, RC Plast receives information on REACH from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency's help desk and from the guidelines on REACH published by the EU Commission on

Should you have questions about how RC Plast works with REACH, you are welcome to contact Michael K. Nielsen – – of our department for health, safety and the environment.