We buy waste plastic

We buy and collect waste plastic and plastic production waste.
We recycle 16,000 tonnes of high-quality reusable customer-specified plastic granules every year. This of course means that we need to collect a corresponding amount of waste plastic and plastic production waste for recycling into our granules.

We offer complete plastic waste collection solutions.
Your plastic waste is our raw material. To help us fulfil our customers’ demands for recycled plastic granules, we actively purchase plastic and production waste from the plastics industry.

At RC Plast A/S, we develop total solutions for the benefit of all of our partners. We provide various solutions in the compression of plastic waste, ensuring ongoing collection of compressed production waste so that it does not need to take up valuable space at our partners’ storage facilities. In other words, an agreement with us means no longer having to worry about your plastic and production waste.


We buy plastic and production waste
RC Plast A/S concludes agreements to collect production waste with plastic manufacturers in Scandinavia, Europe, the USA and Australia. We are constantly looking for new partners, from whom we can buy and collect plastic and production waste. The distance between the supplier of production waste to RC Plast A/S is only a matter of logistics and the scope of the agreement that is concluded for the continued collection of the items.

We enter into long-term agreements with our carriers, which means that they understand both the logistics and the processes of the supplier.

At RC Plast A/S, we ensure that we always have available capacity, which means we are always able to accept plastic and production waste, no matter the quantities.

We encourage you to contact RC Plast A/S to discuss your needs and requirements for the sale and collection of your production waste. Our knowledgeable staff are always at the ready to offer qualified advice.