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Recycling since 1981

We have recycled plastics for more than 40 years

RC Plast has more than 40 years of experience as a credible and environmentally aware partner within the plastics industry. We recycle environmentally friendly and customer specific granules, and purchase plastic and production waste from the plastics industry.

Danish and foreign companies are increasingly using regenerated plastic granules instead of virgin plastic. Since 1981 RC Plast has worked purposefully to develop and refine the process of purchasing and picking up plastic and production waste from the plastics industry, regenerating it and producing recyclable, customer-specific high-quality plastic granules that can be recycled in any environmentally friendly plastic production. That is why our customers and suppliers always meet professionals who have solid experience with the process and who can advise on the most optimal, customer-specific solution.

We are full-service and able to handle the entire process from collection of production waste to delivery of regenerated plastic granules to a new production, so that our customers only need a single partner, who will provide a complete solution. RC Plast recycles everything, and the environment is just as essential to us as the high demands we place on quality.

We always strive to be in the best in the industry and work every day purposefully to improve our skills in the field.

Know-how and efficient methods

RC Plast is a company that possesses a unique knowledge of the production of recycled plastic granules that can be reused in plastics manufacturing. What makes us stand out is our expertise, which is second to nobody else on the market.

Environment and sustainability

Even though you design, produce and consume according to circular principles, waste still occur.

Since 1981, RC Plast has worked with environmentally friendly handling, processing, and recycling of production waste from the plastics industry. Waste which is transformed into new raw materials in the form of high-quality granules. 

80 % of a products sustainability profile is determined under the design phase. RC Plast offers professional counselling during the design phase – e.g. about your possibilities within sustainable alternatives to virgin plast, choice of material and correct material composition to the specific product. 

RC Plast is committed to …

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