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The RC Process

The RC Process

We value your plastic waste

Plastics should be used again and again

At RC Plast, we believe that plastics should be reduced, reused and recycled. We are experts in transforming surplus and waste industrial plastic material into valuable customer-specific granules. 

Our expert and committed staff ensure that your plastic waste is treated using the best possible methods and techniques in our state-of-the art facility. We collect pre-customer plastic waste from manufacturers in Scandinavia, Europe and the US.

Collection of plastic production waste

RC Plast buy, collect, and sort all types of production waste from plastic manufacturers in Scandinavia, Europe, and USA. Our collection systems enable us to collect waste at suppliers with minimal effort from their side.

Separation of waste into smaller fractions

When the production waste arrives in our facilities it is sorted in smaller fractions, which then are distributed to our raw material warehouse.

With a warehouse capacity of 10,000 sqm, we will always be able to take care of your waste. 

Unique methods for recycling

Through advanced techniques and unique methods, production waste is transformed into granules in customer specific mixtures. Depending on the type of production waste, this process takes place either mechanically or chemically.

Development of customer specific granules

Granules are developed and processed for customer specific purposes for recycling in the plastics industry. We work with modification, compounding and colouration to meet the customer specific requirements.

Granules returned to supplier or sold to customer

The granules are typically delivered in octabins, big bags and tanker trucks, but RC Plast is happy to adapt the delivery form according to the customers needs and wishes.

Do you have plastic waste or want to buy granules?

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