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State-of-the-art lab and Quality Assurance

With our in-house laboratory facilities and trained specialists, we are able to ensure the best possible products with the desired specifications and qualities our client and customers are looking for.

Our staff possess a unique knowledge of the production of recycled plastic granules that can be reused in plastics manufacturing. What makes us stand out is our expertise, which is second to nobody else’s on the market. 

Here’s some of what we offer

Differential Scanning Calorimetry is a thermo analytical technique in which the difference in the amount of heat required to increase the temperature of a sample and reference is measured as a function of temperature.

The Melt Flow Index is a measure of the ease of flow of the melt of a thermoplastic polymer. It is defined as the mass of polymer, in grams, flowing in ten minutes through a capillary of a specific diameter and length by a pressure applied via prescribed alternative gravimetric weights for alternative prescribed temperatures.

Vicat Softening Point is the determination of the softening point for materials that have no definite melting point.

Charpy Impact Strength is a standardized high strain-rate test, which determines the amount of energy absorbed by a material during fracture.

An Ash Content test is used to determine inorganic residues in materials. Inorganic residues found in plastics may be in the form of antiblock agents, fillers, reinforcements, catalyst residues and pigments.

This standard test method allows determination of the density and specific gravity of plastic materials.

Let's calculate CO2 footprint for you

In a time with an increased focus on sustainability due to increasing customer demands, change of preferences and legislation amongst other things, our flexible CO2 calculator can provide you with the necessary insight and documentation. In example the carbon footprint of a given RC INSIDE granule or when it comes to handling of your production waste.

Customer specific thermoplastic solutions

We guarantee high quality and customer-specific solutions in the field of thermoplastic materials.

Our customer-specific solutions include plastic granules with desired:

  • MFR (Melt Flow Range)
  • impact modifier
  • additives
  • colouring

We value expert knowledge

Our know-how is part of our DNA. All our employees possess thorough expert knowledge – most have over ten years of relevant experience from working for us and all are trained in our thorough expert knowledge.

You will therefore be dealing with professionals who possess vital knowhow and solid experience in the manufacturing of customer-specific granules in high quality.

Our employees understand your needs and will fulfil your expectations of qualified sparring, with the objective of providing the optimal solution. 

Do you have plastic waste or want to buy granules?

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